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When we're not in the Tearoom...

Following on from our own personal story, we have the privilege to be able to speak to many groups and individuals across the whole world. Jackie's book, "Losing Tom, Finding Grace" has been instrumental with this.

We have also been able to work with many people over the years from different organisations, and recently have written a guest chapter for Patrick Regan OBE and his new book "Honesty over Silence". Patrick ran a youth charity called XLP, based in London for many years and now heads up an organisation called Kintsugi Hope, which works across the country dealing with many issues of depression, suicide, burn out and stress.

More information at                 

The Tearoom is run independently but we're fortunate to have great support from the church that we are part of in all that we do. Alan has been the Church Secretary for a number of years and is also one of the Worship Leaders. It's a welcoming place and more information can be found at 



We also have  the privilege of supporting charities and fundraising from time to time for those who are maybe not as fortunate as ourselves. For the past two years, at Christmas, we have supported a local charity, Pink and Blue Washkits., run by a good friend of ours. The team put together and distribute washkits to the homeless and rough sleepers in Cheltenham, Oxford, Gloucester, Stratford and Cirencester. We have raised over £2,000 pounds to date, thanks to the generosity of our guests - and had some fun too!










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