Christmas Fundraising Event  2021

After missing last year due to Covid-19, once again ran a Christmas Fundraising effort over the holiday period to the New Year.

For the fourth year, we dressed up and raised funds for a local charitable organisation….

















The story of how Pink & Blue was started over five years ago by a friend of ours, Darren Butler is an inspiration in itself!                            Every single penny raised goes to provide Washkits for the homeless who live on the streets of                             Cheltenham, Oxford and local area.                        

The kits contain basic necessities, such as soap, flannel, toothpaste, shower gel and sanitary products. Each kit costs just £3.00 to produce—and they make such a difference!

In just NINE days of formal fundraising, and with a few extra donations our lovely guests raised a MASSIVE total of...

£1, 150 !!


                                             It's such fun seeing guests reactions to being greeted by an Elf......... from the "that's fabulous!!" to the                                                      "I'm pretending that this is quite normal and I'm not going to mention anything."

            Who knows what our next fundraising will be?

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